Thanks for taking time to visit my site. Time is our most valuable commodity, so I truly appreciate your spending a bit of time to view my photos and to get to know me a bit.


Born and raised in the American midwest, I've also lived for a short time in Miami and Borisov, Belarus. Despite my parents coming from farming backgrounds, they always encouraged my love of the arts (music, art & drama). My dad even brought old files home that were being thrown away so I could draw on the blank sides of the large sheets of paper. When I was indoors growing up I was often on my stomach in front of the TV, drawing my own stories and imagined places.


Around 10 years old I discovered photography when I bought my first camera from Bazooka Bubble Gum by saving wrappers and probably sending them a little money. It was a small, plastic camera with a simple mechanism and fixed lens like a Box Brownie. I looked for samples of those earliest shots but found only one, of my little sister striking a funny pose, not believing I'd actually take her photo. Of course, I took it. (Go to the People gallery in my Portfolio. The BW shot of the girl with her tongue out? That's it.)


At KU while studying to be an illustrator, I also began shooting with my first 35mm SLR. I earned my BFA in illustration & design, worked for several companies before launching my freelance illustration career. Graphic design followed years of illustration. The desire to make music persisted and in 2010 I started my own band, playing classic rock by Chicago, BS&T, Steely Dan, The Doobie Bros and more. You can find our demo video on YouTube:


Over time, my love of photography overtook my other interests, which has brought me to what you see here. My formal training in art and design has informed how I approach my photography. We all have our own way of seeing the world around us and this is how I look at things.


I'd love to hear from you whether you want to discuss a potential assignment, buy a print or just want to connect.